About us

We are here for you...

Excellent designers

Original and fresh solutions are always a challenge for our graphics.

Customized solutions

Your booth, new logo, advertising or party will be prepared originally and match         your requirements.                      

Cooperation with clients

We set measurable goals and high standards when we start to work.

Fast and reliable

Our team of experts has a long years experience, vision and professional skills.

We are here for you...

Igor Hampl

Head of International & Marketing

Thanks to his native country, Switzerland, he maintained international contacts. He speaks fluently several languages - French, English, German and Italian. Mastering a wide range of tools in marketing, in international business and in new business fields, Igor is the right person for the one who wants to move ahead his enterprise.

Michaela Zachová

Head of Communication & PR

Horses and communication with them are her hobbies. One of the most loquacious persons on this Earth is a continuous source of ideas, she has a talent to find whatever for who ever, she has a logical way of thinking and she loves to find out slogans and spending her time to write. She is also working since several years in clubs and non profitable organizations and that as all Virgos with a deep feeling for equity.

Daniela Kalná

Account Director

Empathetic hard worker woman, for whom every problem has its solution and each project is a challenge. Customers and colleagues like her because she is pleasant, clever and very nice. Organizational and communication skills are important in this trade, and these are her main privileges.

Ladislav Martinek

Production Manager

He acquired more than thirty years a strong manager background in show business and business. We can notice among his qualities reliability, willingness and today still so appreciated discretion. He obviously has a talent for organization, is always a step in front and is seeing all risks related to projects before the client feels them.

Our team consists of creative graphic designers, IT professionals, professional photographers
and other professionals is ready to bring your project to a successful end.